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Where could you see me ???

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:bulletgreen: -> In progress / en cours.
:bulletred: -> In waiting payment / en attente d'un paiment.
:bulletpurple: Paiment done / Paiement effectué
:bulletblue:-> DONE / FAIT.

So, here is the To-do list I have to do !

:bulletblue: Lucario with Shyn - for Lu-Lubianse
:bulletblue: Furry lineart - for Aiglensis
:bulletblue: 9 fakemon and a trainer for narupit


:bulletblue: :bulletpurple: Kiiro for LeaTenshi <3 !
:bulletblue: :bulletred: OC character from MP for Strawberry-Loupa
:bulletgreen: :bulletpurple: Kazuo for LeaTenshi <3 !

:bulletgreen: Natollen & Marsh' (with the other chara if it's created before I begin the drawing)- for sharydow - KIRIBAN
:bulletgreen: Fakemons FIGHT - for narupit - KIRIBAN


Poke Contest / Brotherhood Forever

Tue Jul 15, 2014, 2:40 PM
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Some know my fanfiction Brotherhood forever, for the others, this is a poke-fanfic, about Lazul, who tells her story with her pokemon friends. You can read here but... sorry, this is in french only for the moment T_T………
In resume : Lazul tells her story, and it began
(first tome) at ten years old, with her first pokemon, called Amber. She hates grass pokemons, and her first is a snivy. So she don't like him and leave him behind in the forest. her father forces her to go back for him because he is her pokémon and it has no right to abandon well. So she returned to the forest and stumbles upon a small Eevee just born. Some members of the family (including a Jolteon and Leafeons) immediately take the hunting and Amber, although small, is a savior to fight against the Jolteon. Seeing that he is not at his level, the Pokemon goes, leaving Amber and Lazul alone. So the little Eevee comes their way, along with a Espeon who treats Amber. and thus Lazul goes home in Amber company, and the Eevee she called Gary.
(second tome) At twelve years old, aiming to become a trainer (because it is the job to the mode), Laz decided to travel Unova region where it originated, to beat most trainers as possible and gain experience. At Castelia City arrival, she meets a young trainer, Shyn, accompanied by Luyo, her lucario, Milliu her espeon and Shorty her Umbreon, who taught him not to take the Pokemon as objects or stooges. She discovered completely by chance a hidden Pokemon under bridges of Castelia City, and realizes he is a suicune ... but not the legendary suicune. when she realizes, Gary disappeared. with the help of Shyn, she finds her pokémon, which had been stolen by members of Team Plasma, and Gary becomes an Umbreon. Lazul jure suicune she nicknamed Glaciarun, to help him find out where he came from.
(third tome) fourteen years old, Lazul exchange area to travel Sinnoh, after all Unova. Solitary nature, Gary does not participate in this expedition. she arrives aboard the Lunar Song, with Captain Colt Vanhimer, and Brynn, his Pidgeot. She arrives at the port of Frimapic and get sick for a few days, allowing her to meet Gaspard and salem, his sneasel. They are looking for Uxie, the knowledge Pokemon.
So they go to the lake and saw a wide fog invaded the lake, everyone loses sight. Lazul nearly fell into a crevasse, but a strange man, like an ancient warrior, saves narrowly, her and Amber. She then realized that the lake disappeared, and instead there is this fog. a Pokemon is probably the cause, but impossible to find out more. while some people help aquatic Pokémon to stay alive, Gaspard and Lazul, helped by their Pokemon, and a small lillipup which is involved in the case, enter the Lake Cave, to ask Uxie what happens. They fall on a ... Entei. It fights with Glaciarun but Amber evolves in lianaja and get the entei asleep. They then arrive at the uxie's cave
, and find a man of the rocket team which also seeks the pokemon. Uxie arrives and disarms the man, before erasing his memory and to force him to leave. Then he tells Gaspard his past, and also speaks to Glaciarun. He reveals lazul that the man who saved her is her ancestor, Topaz Berzion, and that the Rocket team is behind the creation of Glaciarun to enslave and sell the legendary Pokemon. He gives Amber the gift of speech and disappears. Friends return to Frimapic and Gaspar told Lazul if trying desperately to search Uxie, it is because he wanted to know his past : when he was born, Uxie took care of him during a storm while her mother had abandoned him. The nurse Joelle from Frimapic brought him up as if he were her son.
Lazul back on the road to the land of Sinnoh, along with Glaciarun, Amber Smith and her new pokémon.

Order in choice :
  • Telling the further adventures of Lazul and friends! In this case, include at least one of the characters of the team namely Lazul, Amber (lianaja or majaspic), Gary (Umbreon) Glaciarun or Smith. Of course, you can include your own character, the Pokemon you like (I do not mind, why you generate yourself!) Or some property which briefly appeared in history.
  • Resume your sauce extract liked you, in what you've read.

For this, 3 methods :

/ Write: minimum 1 page word, maximum 6, poems are allowed and in this case, it is at your discretion.

/ Design: BD or a simple drawing. You can make photo-manipulation.

/ Music: as I know some are good musicians on DA, I thought it was a good idea to give them the opportunity to show their wonders. You may very well attempt to extract music or make the theme of a character which marked you.

  • One deviation area (writing, drawing and music) participation. However everyone could participate in all three areas, and respond to two instructions.
  • If there are less than 5 participants, there will be one prize.
  • Those who wish to donate prizes are welcome!
  • The prize donors can also enter the contest.
  • Deviations are post of 15/07/2014 to 08/15/2014 </ b>. You have one month to post at least one deviation.

third prize

By me / colorful drawing of his character or his Pokemon OR Flash Apparition of his character or his Pokémon in Volume 4 of Fraternity Life
By Phoenix-Brul-Plum / your chara trainer and one pokemon


second prize

By me / Chibi colored his character with one, two or three of his Pokemon choice OR cameo in one of the next volumes of Fraternity Life
By Phoenix-Brul-Plum / your chara trainer and 3 of his pokemons


first prize

By me / Drawing his character with his team pokémon AND cameo alongside Lazul throughout an upcoming volumes of Fraternity Life
By Phoenix-Brul-Plum / your chara trainer and his entire pokemon team (6 pkmn)







Ça fait pas mal de temps que j’y pense, mais disons que pendant une grosse période, j’ai un peu boudé parce que je ne voulais pas me prendre un boc XD ! A présent que je suis un peu rebootée grâce à la Japan Expo, que j’ai passé en compagnie de plein de gens super, j’propose un p’tit concours Pokémooon !

Certains connaissent ma fanfic Fraternité à vie, pour les autres en voici les liens :………

BrotherHood Forever - Original Equip by Rena-Circa



   * Raconter la suite des aventures de Lazul et de ses amis ! Dans ce cas, inclure au moins un des personnages de l’équipe à savoir Lazul, Ambre (lianaja ou majaspic), Gary (noctali), Glaciarun ou Smith. Bien sur, vous pouvez inclure votre propre personnage, des pokémons que vous aimez (je ne me gêne pas, alors pourquoi vous gêneriez-vous !) ou biens certains qui sont apparus brièvement dans l’histoire.
   * Reprendre à votre sauce un extrait qui vous a plu, dans ce que vous avez déjà lu.


Pour cela, trois méthodes :

/ Ecriture : minimum 1 page word, maximum 6, les poésies sont autorisées et dans ce cas, c’est à votre gré.

/ Dessin : Pour la suite des aventures, vous pouvez faire soit une BD soit un dessin simple. Vous avez la possibilité de faire de la photo-manipulation.

/ Musique : comme je sais que certains sont de bons musiciens, sur DA, j’ai pensé que c’était une bonne idée de leur donner l’occasion de montrer leurs merveilles. Vous pouvez très bien tenter de mettre un extrait en musique ou bien faire le thème d’un personnage qui vous a marqué.




* Une seule déviation par domaine (écriture, dessin et musique) de participation. Cependant tout le monde put participer dans chacun des trois domaines, et répondre aux deux consignes.

S’il y a moins de 5 participants, il n’y aura qu’un seul prix.

Celles et ceux qui souhaitent donner des prix sont les bienvenus !

Les donateurs de prix peuvent également participer au concours.

Les déviations sont à poster du 15/07/2014 au 15/08/2014. Vous avez donc un mois pour poster au moins une déviation.



Troisième prix 

Par moi / Dessin coloré de son personnage ou d’un de ses pokémonsOU Apparition flash de son personnage ou d’un de ses pokémons dans le tome 4 de Fraternité à Vie
ParPhoenix-Brul-Plum /Dresseur avec un de ses pokemons


Deuxième prix

Par moi / Chibi coloré de son personnage avec un, deux ou trois de ses pokémons au choix OU Caméo dans l’un des prochains tomes de Fraternité à Vie
ParPhoenix-Brul-Plum / Dresseur avec trois de ses pokémons


Premier prix

Par moi / Dessin de son personnage avec son équipe pokémon ET caméo aux côtés de Lazul tout au long de l’un des prochains tomes de Fraternité à Vie
ParPhoenix-Brul-Plum /Dresseur avec toute son équipe pokemon






Rena-Circa has started a donation pool!
155 / 500
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6 deviants said Change ita bit to make an own story, it's more unik
No deviants said Keep it as a poke-fanfic ! It's more fun !


A little... Firdox ponay ?
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
1st Name : Rena.
2nd Name : Circa.
Last Name : le Blanc.
Race :Chimera - Fox / Preybird / Poney -> FIRDOX !
Gender : Female.


My choukett's (pretty good friends :heart: ) - :iconnerokuro: :iconlu-lubianse: and :iconpklcha:

My best friend (IRL) - :iconphoenix-brul-plum: and :iconbobythewisdom:

My little choukett's (chibi good friends :heart: ) - :iconmachatoune: :iconolinore: and :iconleatenshi:

(in progress writing ^W^)


The chosen ones by Phoenix-Brul-Plum

OoO Ma Nix, ce dessin est juste wonderful !!! Les couleurs, au début, attirent le regard, et les formes finissent de nous faire tomber ...

Merry Christmas Rena Circa by Phoenix-Brul-Plum

OO ! Ma Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix ! Comment j'suis trop contente de pouvoir - ENFIN - faire une critique de ce que tu dessinnes ! Heum, je...

triste et sale by Imalou
by Imalou

C'est une certaine vision de la vie... Dans un sens, ce dessin est comique, puisqu'il renvoie à l'idée qu'il y a des jours où on n'aura...

Twilight New Moon Edward leaves by DarkAngelDa-chan

This sketch is really cute ! I'm not really a fan of Twilight, but I was attracted to this drawing, especially the message it carries. ...

Muahahah !

Which Warrior Clan Would You Be In?

Which My Little Pony Are You?

Which Inuyasha Character are You?

How Mature Do You Think?

Blague scatto !

C'est l'histoire de Gros Caca qui part à la guerre.
Il rencontre Moyen Caca qui lui demande où il va. Il répond "Moi, je vais à la Guerre" !
Moyen Caca lui dit "je pars avec toi !"

Donc c'est Gros Caca et Moyen Caca qui vont à la guerre.
Ils rencontrent Petit Caca qui leur demande "vous allez où les coupains ?"
"Nous on part à la guerre !"
"Oh trop bien, je viens avec vous !"

Bon, alors du coup, c'est Gros Caca, Moyen Caca et Petit Caca qui vont à la guerre. Ils rencontrent Diarrhée. Elle leur demande où ils vont. Et ils répondent ensemble "On part à la Guerre"
Alors Diarrhée leur dit "ouais, je viens avec vous !"
Là, Gros Caca l'arrête. "Non, Diarrhée. Toi tu restes ici"
"Pourquoi ?" demandent les trois autres.

"Parce que la Guerre, c'est pour les durs !!!"

:iconllamaplz1::iconllamaplz2: :iconllamaplz1::iconllamaplz2: :iconllamaplz1::iconllamaplz2:
:iconllamaplz3::iconllamaplz4: :iconllamaplz3::iconllamaplz4: :iconllamaplz3::iconllamaplz4:
:iconllamaplz5::iconllamaplz6: :iconllamaplz5::iconllamaplz6: :iconllamaplz5::iconllamaplz6:


Jul 23, 2014
3:08 pm
Jul 23, 2014
1:07 pm
Jul 23, 2014
12:43 pm
Jul 23, 2014
12:30 pm
Jul 23, 2014
10:11 am



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And you ? What are the news, the things you do ?
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